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  1. CBD Coconut Lotion CBD Coconut Lotion

    CBD Coconut Lotion

    "THC FREE" Heady Harvest high-concentrate pure spectrum CBD oil is the fullest nutrient and terpene-rich CBD experience on the market. Many CBD products exclude the synergistic terpenoids that naturally occur in hemp plants, causing them to add terpene extracts later. We understand cannabidiol-terpenoid interactions amplify the beneficial effects and that’s why we leave in the mono, dite & sesqui-terpenes that make for a pure spectrum CBD affect.

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price $20.00

  2. CBD Coconut Tincture CBD Coconut Tincture

    CBD Coconut Tincture

    "THC FREE" Multipurpose Tincture. This organic coconut tincture is used sublingually(under the tongue). Because this is an oil based tincture with no alcohol it has a wide variety of uses. The CBD in this tincture is vapor extracted from single farm hemp plants. No extracted “off farm” terpenes or cannabinoids added. Naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids ONLY.

    Regular Price: $70.00

    Special Price $60.00

  3. CBD Gummies CBD Gummies

    CBD Gummies

    "THC FREE" Gummies made with 99.98% Pure Spectrum CBD. (200mg Per Bag)

    Regular Price: $40.00

    Special Price $30.00

  4. CBD Isolate CBD Isolate

    CBD Isolate

    "THC FREE" Multipurpose use Nano-Amplified CBD starts with the all-natural botanical concentrate that includes the cannabinoids and fatty acids found in hemp plants. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the more than 85 cannabinoids found in various concentrations throughout the different parts of the hemp plant, which is part of the Cannabiceae family. Cannabinoids are class of botanical chemical compounds that deliver an array benefits. CBD can be infused into foods, liquids, nutritional supplements, topicals, and even cosmetics.

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price $50.00

  5. CBD Lollipops CBD Lollipops

    CBD Lollipops

    "THC FREE" Heady Harvest CBD Lollipops are Organic & 100% Vegan! Each lollipop is infused with pure Cannabidiol, containing 30mg of CBD per serving. USDA Organic, NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher Pareve, Nut Free. These delicious treats are exactly what you need to satisfy your sweet cravings & take the edge off! 2 Lollipops per bag.

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $13.99

  6. CBD Sour Pixies - Pack of 4 CBD Sour Pixies - Pack of 4

    CBD Sour Pixies - Pack of 4

    "THC FREE" CBD Pixies 25mg Per Pixie Stix (Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange).

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $24.00

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6 Item(s)